Concrete Ceiling Rose

My Concrete Ceiling Rose is constructed like a concrete “sandwich” with a steel base plate that is cast into the concrete and a steel cover plate with cable clamp or chain hook.  The box is fitted with a brass earth clamp, flying earth lead and WAGO 3 way earth cable connector.  The base of the box has 4 fixing holes (2 counter sunk and 2 slot) and a 20mm diameter cable through hole.

Diameter: 108mm

Height (Cable clamp): 78mm

Height (Hook): 92mm

The Concrete Ceiling Rose hook is available in 2 finishes, the standard galvanised finish (shiny silver) or raw metal finish (dark grey natural iron).  These concrete ceiling roses are the perfect match for all the Brutal Design concrete lights.


Other Industrial Ceiling Roses

"Industrial Ceiling Rose with cable clamp" "Conduit Ceiling Rose"by Brutal Design"
Industrial Ceiling Rose