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“LUNAR” Concrete and Steel light

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The Lunar concrete and steel light is constructed from individual cast concrete segments bolted between an edging ring plate and a mid connector plate, with the bulb holder section bolted atop the mid connector plate.  The connecting bolts fix into threaded inserts set into the concrete elements while in the mould during the casting process.

The light is suspended from a heavy duty steel eye nut and hand forged steel hanging rod or chain which is made to suit the required drop of the light.

The external surface of the shade is a smooth raw concrete while in contrast, the inner reflective surface of the shade has a ‘cratered moonscape’ appearance and texture.

The dimensions: Shade diameter 350mm by 100mm in height, and the overall height to the top of the eye nut is 235mm

3 standard flex colours and 3 standard flex lengths available. Adjust on the cart page to suit, the hanging rod length will be made to suit your required length.  Add a ceiling rose in the cart if required, two types are available: concrete and steel or industrial steel conduit, both are available with a hook for the hanging rod attachment.

The Lunar is made to order.  Contact the studio to discuss your requirements: studio@brutaldesign.co.uk

A few words from a recent Lunar customer.

We recently purchased a centrepiece light for our dining room to finish off our new kitchen / dining area.

We looked around long and hard to try to find something that would work with the very industrial look of the new kitchen.  We love “raw” materials and wanted something really different as a showpiece.

We found the Lunar light and instantly knew that it was the one for us.  It includes concrete and steel and has a beautiful contrast of rough and smooth finishes. It’s literally a work of art with each segment of the light having been painstakingly cast individually and is held together with bespoke steel fittings.

This wasn’t the cheapest light we could have chosen but the craftsmanship and work that has gone in to producing something of this quality is immediately obvious and it’s worth every single penny. The outside of the light has been smoothed to an excellent finish but, our favourite aspect – the inside, has been left with the natural pits that the casting process creates due to the air bubbles. It’s just like a lunar landscape of craters, hence the name is perfectly fitting for this light, and no two segments are the same. I could look at it for hours.
Tom was amazing to deal with. He was super responsive to our questions and made some really good suggestions to help us.
The item arrived beautiful packaged and was easy to fit. It’s obviously a very heavy light given the materials that it is made out of. We also bought the matching ceiling rose, which sets it all off perfectly and provides a really strong anchor point.
I don’t often leave reviews because ultimately you are paying for a service / product but in this case I felt compelled to. I love the fact that someone with this skill and craftsmanship has been able to set up in business doing this kind of work and he absolutely deserves as much business as possible.
I can absolutely guarantee that if you are thinking “is it worth the extra money?” that the answer is 100% yes.  The quality of his work is exceptional and is matched by brilliant customer service too.  His products are unique works of art and so in addition to serving the practical purpose that the light  serve well, they are talking points and stunning pieces of art/ furniture to look at.
I honestly can not recommend this company highly enough and I will most definitely be buying from them again in the future. Everything about this purchase exceeded expectation.  We cherish the fact that our most prominent light in the house didn’t come off a production line somewhere and has been handcrafted in this way making it truly one of a kind.
Jamie S, Davenport
LUNA Concrete and Steel Light Spec sheet